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Choral and Vocal Works

It Will Be Winter Again

Soprano and piano.

A third setting of Grace Andrews' poetry.  The speech-like melody reflects the conversational tone of the poem, while the harmonically dense accompaniment explores the character of its imagery.



Soprano and Piano.

My second setting of Grace Andrews' poetry.  This one is a zany acrostic poem entitled "ABC" that involves a visitor from the future, a banana, and world domination.  The action is presented in a recitative.  The harmony features a different chord for each of the 26 lines of text, including harmony based on all 24 major and minor triads.



Voice and piano.

Line is both an aphoristic commentary on Grace Andrews’s lyrics and an embodiment of the creative process her poetry brings so vividly and intimately to life. For the technically-minded, the piece draws on a preoccupation with doubly-chromatic mediants and their intersection with symmetrical scales. The expressive aim of the piece, though, is a distilled evocation of artistic concentration, persistent effort, and surprised wonder.


Charlie Hartsfield

Soprano and Piano.

A setting of verses from two hymn tunes by C. O. Hartsfield.


Sleep Songs

Soprano, piano.

Five folksong lullabies in five languages, rendered as art songs. Composed for soprano Roberta Duhs, based on her Master's research into the charming and fearful ways mothers might sing their children to sleep. 


1.  Duérmete Niño   (Spanish)

2.  Dodo Piti Popo   (Trinidad French Patois)

3.  Na Wojtusia   (Polish)

4.  Nana Nenê   (Portuguese)

5.  Ninna Nanna   (Italian)

In the Interim

Female Voice and Jazz Piano/Combo.

What if I wrote a song voicing my wife's perspective on our relationship? 


Psalm 46 (revised)

Choir (SATB) a cappella. Text in Hebrew and English.

The original setting was slightly expanded and sections in English were added to the Hebrew text.


Now We Rest

Soprano, flute, violin, piano.

Composed for the close of Joseph Frost's production of Chekhov's Uncle Vanya. The text is drawn from Vanya's concluding comments.


Seven "O" Antiphons

For worship leader, congregation, and instruments.

Composed for my brother, the late Rev. Joel Sauerwein, for use in Advent services at his Lutheran church. Texts are based on Joel's rendering of traditional antiphons in modern English.


Palm Sunday

Choir (SATB), piano, two trumpets.

Commissioned by Greg Scheer and performed under his direction at Trinity Reformed Church (Orange City, IA).


Psalm 29

Choir (SATB), fl, cl, hn, tpt, pno.

Composed in collaboration with Dave Stuntz, music director at Blacknall Memorial Presbyterian Church (Durham, NC).  Premiered by the Blacknall choir during CFAMC's "Forging Links" conference in 2004.


Donne on Good Friday

Choir (SATB), piano.

The first (and, so far, the only) of seven settings of texts drawn from John Donne's seven-sonnet cycle of Holy Sonnets


Now thou art lifted up, draw me to thee,

And at thy death giving such liberal dole,

Moist, with one drop of thy blood, my dry soule."


Psalm 46

Choir (SATB) a cappella. Text in Hebrew.

Commissioned by the North Carolina - Israel Project for a tour of Israel, which asked for an American composer to set a Hebrew text, and vice versa. Performed by the NCIP choir seven times in various locales.


From Jeremiah

Choir (SATB), piano.

Text from Jeremiah 17:5-9, closing with the opening verse of the hymn, "If thou but suffer God to guide thee."


The Lord in the Manger

Choir (SATB) a cappella.

A Christmas carol, setting an original text.  Performed annually since 2007 by the Belhaven University Singing Christmas Tree, as well as in church services in various states (e.g. CO, NC, MI, MS).


Five Stevenson Songs

Soprano, piano.

Composed for soprano Angela Case.  Texts selected from Robert Louis Stevenson's charming A Child's Garden of Verses. 


1. The Land of Nod

      Northwest Passage:

     2. Good Night

     3. Shadow March

     4. In Port

5. Where Go the Boats?

Lord God the Holy Ghost

Choir (SATB), piano.

Composed for a Pentecost Sunday service at Blacknall Memorial Presbyterian Church (Durham, NC). The text is from an old Lutheran hymn, but the music is a fiery adventure.


The Beachcomber Walks

Soprano, vibraphone, piano.

An atmospheric journey along an Oregon coast, setting a text by Jane Gibson.


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