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Solo Instrumental Works

Saxophone. 2020.

This etude is a minute melodic study for saxophone (any saxophone) or some soloist.  I composed it in July 2020, to be included in a CFAMC listening page.  The music, like the title, ponders wise, loving citizenship in a time of pandemic.  Ephesians 5:15-20 comes to mind....

Marimba. 2015.

This piece explores the relationship between a wayward melody and its patient, insistent accompaniment. Commissioned by the inimitable Jason Mathena.

Violin solo. 2015.

A musical triptych exploring the notorious 2010 earthquake and tsunami in Japan and its prolonged aftermath.  Commissioned by violinist Rachel Reese, a recent musical missionary to Japan and Peru.

I. Waves of Earth

II. Sifting

III. Furusato

Amazing Grace (For John)

Viola solo. 2010.

Commissioned by violist, historian, theologian, and undercover-angel John Farrar, who desired a setting of this famous tune for the close of his recital.

Flute. 2000.

A Christmas gift for my teenage daughter, who enjoyed playing it.

A Darkened Glass: Five Odd Movements for Solo Cello

Cello. 1996.

These movements spring from various motives:  George MacDonald's narrative poem A Hidden Life, a verse out of I Corinthians 13, a hymn tune ("None Other Lamb"), camels, hurricanes, and the concluding verses of Ecclesiastes.  My original intent was to punctuate the solo movements with brief ensemble passages, which is one reason for the subtitle.

1. Prelude

3. Deep Thunder (Heart's Desire)

5. Needle's Eye of the Storm

7. Moment of Truth

9. Epiphanologue (Now All Has Been Heard)

Cascade Fantasias

Viola. 1993.

Composed for violist Michelle Davidson and Cascade Presbyterian Church (Eugene, OR).  Each movement explores a hymn tune.  The first one employs scordatura.

1. Neumark

2. Day by Day, by Night

3. O Sacred Head

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