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About the Composer

Andy has been studying, teaching, and composing music for three decades. He has written more than eighty works in a variety of genres, from solo and chamber works to choral and orchestral pieces, as well as songs, improvisatory works, electronic music, and pieces combining Western instruments with Balinese gamelan. His music has been performed on the concert stage, in churches, in schools, at conferences and public events, on mission trips, at homes, in pubs and coffee shops, and annually on Belhaven University’s Singing Christmas Tree. His work has traveled across the United States and to Canada, Israel, Peru, and Japan.


Andy’s compositional voice varies with the topic and occasion, yet fairly consistently favors an integrated musical language over a blend of disparate elements — eccentric, perhaps, rather than eclectic — fusing together the familiar and the mysterious in search of calm intensity, pensive wonder, thoughtful curiosity, and a subtle sense of playful humor. He has persistent interests in fathoming the nature of creative activity, fostering community and collaboration in musical practice, and cultivating a thoughtful, circumspect approach to music-making.


For more information about particular pieces, browse the work samples using the above menu. To learn more about Andy, use the links to the right to read a longer biography or view his resume or curriculum vita. For further inquiries, to acquire scores and parts, or to commission new music, send a message using the contact page.

Andrew Mark Sauerwein
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