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Seven Relativistic Etudes



I. Prelude (Evening Shade)

II. Leviathan

III. Invention

IV. Artifice

V. Lounge

VI. Statues

VII. Postlude (Dangling Hope)

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Program Note (with tongue in cheek)

These Seven Relativistic Etudes are carefully constructed studies based on harmonic and melodic methods of my own devising. This logic may not be readily evident to the listener, who likely considers such matters of no consequence anyhow. In the true spirit of unbounded relativism, then, I offer the listener no explanation whatsoever for the technical or expressive content of the pieces, since my actual intent to communicate substantial ideas will be deemed irrelevant, or at least trivial. The unique end experience of the individual listener is the only valid consideration, so it is best to disregard this program note in its entirety, as well as the title of each etude, and imagine that the pieces conform to whatever notions most please the listener.

-- Andrew Mark Sauerwein, January 1993

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