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Five Stevenson Songs

Soprano, piano.

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1. The Land of Nod

      Northwest Passage:

     2. Good Night

     3. Shadow March

     4. In Port

5. Where Go the Boats?

The Five Stevenson Songs were commissioned and premiered by soprano Angela Case.  She helped select texts from Robert Louis Stevenson's A Child's Garden of Verses, which were sequenced to reflect "the journey of the imagination."  The poetry suggests at once the simplicity of a child's vantage point and the seasoned wisdom of old age.  

The first and fifth settings call up a nostalgic, folklike style couched in an expansive, elaborate musical environment.  The trilogy comprising "Northwest Passage" (which retains Stevenson's title and order) assumes a more direct expression of the thoughts and images in the poetry, beginning and ending in relative tonal comfort but passing through the darkness of a more abstract idiom.  The point, however, is not the music itself but its draught of the poet's brew of youthful vision and old-age musing.

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